Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Helpful IT Security Best Practices

These days IT security is vital to business because just about everything involved in business has something to do with computers. Whether its a customer database or an order-fulfillment work-flow application, a website or an intranet portal, a server farm or employees' user accounts, literally every aspect of business relies on IT and consequently on IT security.

So it goes without saying that IT security is important to business. While its important, it is not easy to maintain, often hard to assess, and harder still to prove its value. As a result, most IT departments either are unable to take care of it well, assess it completely or demonstrate a return-in-investment.

That's where some practical, measurable and real-world security best-practices can help, and that's what we look at in this blog. The point is to help IT practioners understand and implement at least a basic set of essential and helpful security practices.